Weirdos have more fun

Let’s get weird… – The Birdman

I remember the first time I heard Mike Staab say that to me back when I was a Sophomore in college. We were at my old adobe house that we affectionately called the Café Guadalajara. We were just about to tie one on and I remember Jordan and I bringing in yet another keg of Miller high life to entertain just about every scumbag we knew like it was yesterday.

At the time, ‘getting weird,’ just simply meant, ‘let’s get so utterly wasted that we’d all forget that we have class in the morning.’ Without a doubt we accomplished our goal in spades that night. The next morning, there were probably bodies strewn across the floor as if some kind of mass murder had happened the night before. We got weird that night. But, the phrase itself, “Let’s get weird,” is something that has endured and changed over the years.

As we move through this strange thing we call life I notice myself straying further and further away from what I consider to be ‘the norm.’ It seems that most people that I really connect with like to do things a bit differently. We like to do things that some would consider a tad bit strange.

We wear wigs and costumes for no reason. When we’re asked , ‘Why are you wearing costumes? What’s the occasion?,’ I usually turn right around and say, ‘why aren’t you wearing a wig and a costume?’

I mean I’m sitting here writing this article wearing Mardi Gras beads and a cowboy hat with no pants on. I can’t wait to have a ‘weird’ conversation with a random stranger at a supermarket, sing rugby songs, or drink beer out of an old shoe. Because just going along with what everyone else is doing is just… well… boring.

Getting weird and is just more fun. So why subscribe to the norm?

It’s hard to be different. Walking your own path can sometimes be a lonely endeavor. Most people in the world won’t ever take a chance on themselves. They won’t ever use the gifts that they were given at birth. The reason why is imgressimple: It’s comfortable to do with what everyone else is doing. It’s easy to accept the hand that you’re dealt. It’s painless to follow because the path has already been tread and there is no mystery.

Wearing a costume in a room full of people wearing suits is never going to be an easy decision. The road less travelled is travelled by less people for a reason.

It’s not easy to find the river that is never fished. To get to that river you have to climb mountain passes and cross through dense underbrush. You will get bloody and bruised. But, as always, there is a silver lining: When you finally reach that pristine river, that’s where the fishing is best.

It feels weird to walk your own path. It’s uncomfortable because nobody has done it before.

rnold Schwarzenegger has a great speech on what his 6 rules of life are. One of those rules is, don’t listen to the neigh-sayers. He says, “I love it when someone tells me that something has never been done before [or that it can’t be done], because when I do it, then I am the first one to have done it.”

The fact of the matter is, true reward comes from being different. Nobody ever liked a restaurant because it was the same as every other restaurant. People flock towards tastes that are new and different. People don’t remember those of us who follow. They remember those of us who lead. Martin Luther King isn’t a historical figure because he followed what everyone else was doing.

Being different can be as simple as wearing a wig or liberating gnomes from front-yard oppression. It can be as complex as standing up for what you believe in or uprooting your whole life because you’re unhappy. But overcoming the fear of being different or taking a risk is always, ALWAYS, worth it.

Weirdos have more fun. They know how to let go of themselves and smell the roses every once in a while. They act as they do not because someone else told them to, but because it makes them happy.

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